Norwich - City of Stories

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Folklore & Legends: Norwich's favourite fairytales

28 June 2016

As one of Britain's most ancient counties, Norfolk has a rich history of folk tales and legends which have echoed through the centuries and are still told by residents today – making it the perfect setting for a City of Stories.

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Norwich's Literary Greats

27 June 2016

Norwich has a knack for not only producing but refining (largely thanks to UEA’s creative writing programme!) some fantastic literary figures over the past 700 years or so. We’re incredibly proud of this legacy - and rightly so, because it’s a very impressive list which includes philosophers, writers and best-selling authors!

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The Ultimate Way To Immerse yourself in art!

26 June 2016

This has to be one of the most innovative, exciting ways to spend an arty break in Norwich – but you’ll need to be quick!

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The Perfect Escape for Summer

25 June 2016

This summer, channel that just-been-for-a-stroll-in-the-countryside, relaxed, no-worries feeling by… actually getting out into the countryside for a relaxing break in Norfolk!

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Our top 'can't-miss' Literary Festivals in Norfolk

21 June 2016

Didn't get Glastonbury tickets? Don't like mud!? Do not fear - our handpick of Norfolk's top literary festivals is here...

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Norwich's Hidden Libraries

20 June 2016

So, you’ve been to the Norfolk & Norwich Millennium Library in The Forum and were bound to be hugely impressed by the choice of books (and other media) to lose yourself in. It would be easy to assume this is the extent of Norwich’s ‘library’ offer – but you’d be wrong! There’s plenty more to discover.

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A Radical Film Festival like no other!

19 June 2016

We’re letting out a cheer as this year sees the inaugural Norwich Radical Film Festival arrive and it promises to leave a lasting impression on Norwich’s cinema scene – read on to see why we’re so looking forward to it!

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The Mystical Julian of Norwich

18 June 2016

We love to celebrate notable women through history, but some deserve to be more highly celebrated - outside of academic circles, anyway. One, in particular, tends to be Julian of Norwich; the first woman to write a book in the English language (which has survived, anyway) and a hugely respected writer and mystic (no crystal balls here!).

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“The Bottoms-Line”: An Interview with Mr. Timothy Bottoms

17 June 2016

Mr. Timothy Bottoms has had a prolific career to say the least.  He starred in the Academy Award winning The Last Picture Show that resonated with an entire generation and defined New Hollywood cinema, which has since been added to the Library of Congress collection.

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It's Carnival Time!

17 June 2016

It’s that time of year again! From colourful floats and street performers to outdoor theatre and fireworks, the Lord Mayor’s Celebration signals carnival time in Norwich; 3 days of music, sports, performance and, most importantly, fun!

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