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You Decide: Fight or Flight?

24 May 2016

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Allow us to set the scene: it is 1173 and King Henry II has royally hacked off not only his sons and wife, but the Kings of both France and Scotland, plus many of England’s powerful Barons....

Henry’s heavy-handedness when dealing with various issues then swiftly leads to disillusioned rebels taking action against the King, keeping him occupied elsewhere and leaving the proverbial door wide open for every disgruntled Tom, Dick and Harry to invade. And so like many tales of old, aggressive action ensued: The King of Scotland in 1174 took advantage of this precarious political situation to invade Norwich, capturing our (beautiful - sigh) Castle.

Sounds like a time you’d like to be transported back to? Well, we wouldn’t fancy it either - so why not experience the excitement and drama of the Great Revolt without risking a hair on your head?!

Norwich Castle fighting gallery

Explore Norwich Castle during their new Fighting Gallery tour

This story is for a good reason; Norwich Castle’s newly developed Fighting Gallery tour officially launches on Saturday 4 June (continuing on various dates throughout the summer) and is a truly interactive experience, giving participants the chance to immerse themselves in the 12th century uprising. Follow your tour guide Lee (a member of the GB Medieval Combat team!) as you journey through the Castle, exploring its mysterious spaces and attempting to protect the building from attack. Keep an eye out for medieval graffiti and stonemason’s marks in the Fighting Gallery, making decisions on what action to take next - it’s like being inside a video game! You decide: fight or flight? (And no, we're not talking about Brexit!)

These interactive tours are part of the Castle’s ‘Medieval Madness’ summer programme of events, building on the success of the scheme last year. To ensure a truly immersive experience, tours are limited to 10 people or less so make sure you book in advance (01603 495897). Children (ages 8+) will no doubt love this experience but if you fancy a go without youngsters then never fear - they’re certainly not required!

Tours cost normal admission price plus £3.50 for adults, £3.25 concessions and £2.80 for children (over 8 years old).