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Vagrants, fire and Badly Behaved Women

25 October 2017

Norwich is famously a medieval city. Although the city itself is about 15 ½ square miles, the majority of its Medieval charm lies in an area of just less than two square miles, comprised of winding streets, ancient architecture and cobbles that can be uniquely treacherous when in stilettos or possession of a wheeled suitcase.

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The return of the tunnel of light!

25 October 2017

Every year, my best friend comes over from Germany to see the Norwich Christmas lights switched on. According to her, Christmaslightswitchonday – all one word – in Norwich is the most Norwichy of all Norwich things, and every November she comes back and we watch the lights and fireworks, drink spiced cider and walk around the illumined city eating roasted chestnuts from the van on London Street.

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Badger Legs, Kingfishers and Fighting Toads

4 October 2017

The question you’re probably asking yourself right now is ‘what do badger legs, kingfishers and fighting toads have in common?’.

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2 June 2017

Anna Sewell is one of our highly esteemed ‘Norfolk literary heroes’. She was the author of Black Beauty which went on to sell 50 million copies to date, all over the world. Her novel also had a huge influence on horse welfare and paved the way for many reforms in the subsequent years.

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Five Strong Women & A Cause

9 May 2017

From improving animal welfare to prison reforms, we’re incredibly proud of these five Norwich women’s legacies which have impacted so much on the rest of the country. Here are their stories...

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Nelson-themed Things To Do

26 April 2017

“I am a Norfolk man and I glory in being so!” To celebrate Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery’s fantastic exhibition this summer all about Norfolk’s home-grown hero, Admiral Lord Nelson, we’ve selected our favourite ‘Nelson-themed things to do’!

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Introducing writer, philosopher & polymath - Sir Thomas Browne

11 April 2017

To continue our celebration of literary heroes from the area, we turn our attention to writer, philosopher, and polymath Sir Thomas Browne. Whether you’re quite well-informed or barely know who he is, here’s his story in a nutshell…

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Put A Spring In Your Step With The Boudicca Way!

14 February 2017

Here’s a story of bravery and battle, which took place right here in Norfolk thousands of years ago!

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Casanova Uncovered: a true story in a new ballet

7 February 2017

Casanova wasn’t just a legendary lover; he had real substance, you know! With so many other talents under his belt he would no doubt have been horrified to know his legacy today largely focuses on his womanising ways...

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The (Seal) Matrix: An Ancient Tale Of Romance

7 February 2017

Here’s a romantic and inspiring story which has sprung from an unexpected source: the discovery of an ancient gold seal matrix in Norfolk.

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Introducing Mr Jack Valentine!

31 January 2017

Here in Norfolk we have a rather unique and interesting tradition for that day (Valentine’s) that everyone either loves or hates! Read on for the story of Jack Valentine…

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Norwich's Literary Hero: Meir of Norwich

16 January 2017

If you have already read our 2017: The Year of the Literary Hero post last week, you'll know that 2017 is...well, the year of the literary hero! So to celebrate this we're going to bring to you, in 2017, some of our favourite and most notable Norwich 'literary heroes'. At this point we want to highlight that you don't have to be a literary wizard to enjoy our stories, you just need to enjoy a good yarn.

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250,000 turkeys in leather boots...

20 December 2016

…strolling all the way to London? Yes, hundreds of years ago it actually happened!

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Peter the Wild Boy

29 November 2016

Settle down for a Norwich story which has been passed down through generations – it’s the true (as far as we know!) tale of a feral child discovered in Germany back in the 18th century. But what has this got to do with Norwich, you might ask…?

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Partridge is back! Our thoughts on 'Nomad'

28 October 2016

Partridge fans will no doubt be excited to learn (if you haven’t already) of Alan’s newly released autobiography/ travelogue Nomada follow up to his 2011 hit I, Partridge, this book picks up where the other left off so we don’t have to miss out on any of Partridge’s escapades! 

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Q&A with Sam Clemmett aka. Albus Severus Potter!

18 October 2016

Today we're incredibly excited to have actor Sam Clemmett here for a Q&A all about Norwich! He's currently playing Albus Severus Potter, Harry's son, in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but he's a born and bred 'Norfolkian', having grown up in Brundall, a small village in the heart of the Broads!

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Q&A with Fiona from Nor-Folk

10 October 2016

Today we welcome Fiona from Nor-Folk to the blog, who'll answer some questions about the city and her life here!

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Murder and Mayhem

28 September 2016

We all love a grisly, real-life story of murder – especially when it’s a Norfolk case! Here’s a local tale which (though we hate to ruin the ending!) resulted in an execution at Norwich Castle Gaol, where Norwich and the surrounding area’s hangings used to take place!

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The Winning Story...

21 September 2016

You may remember our recent micro-fiction crime writing competition, in which we asked you to submit your best 500 word 'Noirwich' themed story based in, or written about, the city of Norwich?

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The Restaurateur

7 September 2016

Our new video for September is here: The Restaurateur.

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Olive Edis: Britain's First Female War Photographer

7 September 2016

We love strong ladies who have made their mark on history in Norwich – there are quite a few, many of which are quite well known – Edith Cavell, Julian of Norwich, Dorothy Jewson, Amelia Opie, to name but a few…

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The Curator

10 August 2016

The third in our series of films about Norwich has arrived: The Curator.

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Spot Norwich in the pages of 'The Chant'

5 August 2016

Norwich has a long and proud history of authors (see our blog post all about them here) and enjoys not only World Literature UNESCO status but also the literary bastions of the UEA with its Creative Writing Courses and Writers' Centre Norwich on King Street. The latest inhabitant of our wonderful city attempting to make the big time in the book world is Carl Mason, with his debut novel, The Chant.

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The Rambler

13 July 2016

The second in our series of films about Norwich has arrived: The Rambler.

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Norwich's Literary Greats

27 June 2016

Norwich has a knack for not only producing but refining (many are thanks to UEA’s creative writing programme!) some fantastic literary figures over the past 700 years or so. We’re incredibly proud of this legacy - and rightly so, because it’s a very impressive list which includes philosophers, writers and best-selling authors!

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The Mystical Julian of Norwich

18 June 2016

We love to celebrate notable women through history, but some deserve to be more highly celebrated - outside of academic circles, anyway. One, in particular, tends to be Julian of Norwich; the first woman to write a book in the English language (which has survived, anyway) and a hugely respected writer and mystic (no crystal balls here!).

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“The Bottoms-Line”: An Interview with Mr. Timothy Bottoms

17 June 2016

Mr. Timothy Bottoms has had a prolific career to say the least.  He starred in the Academy Award winning The Last Picture Show that resonated with an entire generation and defined New Hollywood cinema, which has since been added to the Library of Congress collection.

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En-route to Edinburgh: Harry Baker returns to Norwich!

11 June 2016

You may not think ‘maths graduate’ and ‘poet’ is a natural combination, but there you’d be wrong; Harry Baker - poetry slam champion, rap battler and TED talker - is proof of that!

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The Writer

7 June 2016

We are excited to present the first in a series of films about Norwich, telling stories about the city and its people. 

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