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PrimEVIL 600x400


Expect the unexpected at PrimEVIL!

Last night I was lucky enough to experience, for the first time, PrimEVIL – dubbed as 'Norfolk’s scariest attraction'!

Taking over Dinosaur Adventure for 15 evenings, there are five attraction (or ‘zones’ as I thought of them) which each offer a very different ghastly experience, as well as plenty of scary characters – including many particularly gory-looking zombies – stumbling around the open spaces between the attractions. So, you really couldn’t ever relax because you never knew who was going to be right behind you!

Here’s my experience - I’ll try not to give much away, because half the fun is in the surprise (and scare!) factor, after all!


Me and my unsuspecting accomplice started at this attraction (approaching them in the order we came across them) and were greeted by a gruesome looking character who asked us if we were booked in. Perhaps here we should have said no and continued quickly on, but game for our first ‘experience’ we (maybe foolishly?!) said yes. Ushered inside, we were then chivvied round this hotel of horrors where every room held a different (and sinister) surprise! You certainly wouldn’t want to extend your stay…


We stumbled across the entrance to this attraction next… and soon found ourselves surrounded by hanging webs and very large spiders, hanging menacingly above us. It was time for a walk through the forest, and off we went! Plenty was lurking amongst the trees, getting ready to surprise us as we trudged through the deep dark forest...


This was my absolute favourite of the five attractions: a crazy and very bizarre rampage through this topsy-turvy house experience with ball pits, very tight spaces and menacing clowns at every turn, just waiting to spring out at you when you least expect it... These definitely aren’t your average, kids-party-entertainer clowns…they’ve got some serious screws loose!

PrimEvil4Edit 600x400


Time for another walk (or run, in our case) through the forest! You’ll easily be able to imagine being stuck in the nightmare of shows and movies like 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead as you leg it to try and get to Zone 64, the ‘safe zone’, without being attacked by packs of zombies!


Finally, it was time to enter The Dark… we had no idea what to expect, having only been told before we entered to put all phones and personal possessions away because “if we dropped them it would be almost impossible to find in the dark” – so we could assume it would be very dark, at least, but what on earth was going to be lurking IN the dark? Before we entered we were instructed to all hold on to the person in front in some way, and not to lose physical contact, otherwise we’d be a bit stuck “and might never find our way out again”. We stumbled through the pitch black, winding round corners where who-knows-what would be waiting for us, and it’s amazing how a lack of any light can completely throw off your senses!

PrimEVIL hog 600x400


Everyone’s experience at PrimEVIL is bound to be unique, because everyone brings with them their own fears, whether it be of zombies, clowns, the dark, Mike Myers wielding not a knife but a chainsaw (yes, some artistic license is allowed – and we’re not talking about Austin Powers here!). Of course, if you’re scared of all of these... then you’re in for an experience you'll never forget! But at least there's a bar and BBQ there to calm those nerves and keep your strength up!

PrimEVIL is open at Dinosaur Adventure from Thursday 13 - Monday 31 October, 8-11pm, so book your entry to terror now! Tickets from £15.95 - £21.95, book online here.


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