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Archive: May, 2016

Inspirational spots to put pen to paper

31 May 2016

We are hugely excited to be collaborating with the Writers’ Centre Norwich throughout June; they'll be crafting a selection of guest posts for us under this month's theme of 'Literature'!

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Laugh with the Bard in the Cloisters…

29 May 2016

With 2016 including the 400th anniversary of the day Shakespeare ‘shuffled off this mortal coil’, (the date widely believed to be his birthday, too), there’s no shortage of Shakespeare productions to marvel at.

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143 days until…'Fiji: Art and Life in the Pacific'

25 May 2016

Expanding your knowledge of art from other countries - in this case, the fascinating island of Fiji - is no doubt a great way to spend a few peaceful hours. Despite being a previous British colony, Fijan art and culture has historically been overlooked by Western collectors who often focused more on art from areas such as New Guinea and Hawaii.

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You Decide: Fight or Flight?

24 May 2016

Allow us to set the scene: it is 1173 and King Henry II has royally hacked off not only his sons and wife, but the Kings of both France and Scotland, plus many of England’s powerful Barons....

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Art Club for Adults

23 May 2016

It’s time to create your own art attack here in Norwich- unleash your crafty side, be sociable and learn a new skill at one of the city’s many ‘arty’ classes and workshops taking place over the next few months.

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Our buzzing art scene will be in its element this summer with British Art Show 8

22 May 2016

So far this year Norwich’s eclectic and energetic art scene has already packed a real punch; we’ve had - and still have - ground-breaking exhibitions gracing the many gallery spaces in the city (make sure you catch the fantastic Alberto Giacometti: A Line Through Time and Henri Cartier Bresson: Paris exhibitions, both currently at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts).

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It's Spiegeltent Time!

21 May 2016

The Spiegletent is an original Belgian wooden travelling tent meaning 'mirror tent' in Dutch and remains one of our most favourite places in Norwich come May. With only a handful of Spiegletents still in existence we feel especially lucky that one visits Norwich every year during the Festival.

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All Hail The Ale

21 May 2016

“Norwich once had a pub for every day of the year, and a church for every Sunday.” On any given day in the city of stories, you’re sure to hear someone repeating this old adage with pride. But how true is this maxim?

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5 Fab Things to Do in May

17 May 2016

There's no excuse to stay in; May is a month jam-packed full of exciting events, the city is literally bursting with fun things to do. So if you fancy spicing up your free time here are some great suggestions to get stuck into!

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Do It Now: Lisa Fischer

17 May 2016

Finally, Lisa Fischer steps into the spotlight as a star in her own right, after years of singing background for iconic stars such as The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, Chaka Khan and Billy Ocean: legends you can’t fail to have heard of - unless you’ve been living under a rock all of your life! This will be Lisa’s first UK concert and we are beyond excited.

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Indulge your arty side this weekend

16 May 2016

With all the exciting and exhilarating events taking place across the city this weekend, there’s absolutely no excuse to stay inside in front of the TV; if your eyes are going to be glued to anything, make it something intriguing, exciting and stimulating…

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Let’s make sweet music...

15 May 2016

This Saturday, 21st May, an epic constellation of musicians and singers will join as one to bring the rarely performed Mahler Symphony of a Thousand to Norfolk. A visual feast will be on stage; multiple choirs, 8 soloists and a vast orchestra totaling 500 performing to an audience of over 2000.

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Fierce Light & Other Stories

13 May 2016

In 2012 Norwich received the permanent accolade of becoming a UNESCO World City of Literature, making it the first city in England to hold this status. Now it’s 2016 and Writers’ Centre Norwich, one of the key leaders in bidding for UNESCO status back in 2011 is firmly settled into its new premises in the magnificent Dragon Hall. Let the story unfold... 

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If You're As Hungry As A Caterpillar, Read On...

11 May 2016

Norwich is a city that welcomes the hungry. A cornucopia of cafes, restaurants, bars and stalls lines the streets and lanes of the city, each one inviting you to stop, try, venture inside. With choices so numerous, even the hungriest traveller needs a guide though to lead them through this culinary landscape and so we discover a small part of the city in the Norwich Lanes: the area of Gaol Hill, St Giles and Upper St Giles.

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Spires & Servants

10 May 2016

In Norwich, every building tells a story. From futuristic glass structures echoing ancient Mesopotamia to Tudor houses revealing the secret lives of merchants, stories are written into the very fabric of this city, and uncovering them brings the bricks and mortar to life. To start, we’re going to tell you a story about one of Norwich’s most famous landmarks, the Cathedral.

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The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

8 May 2016

At first glance, you might think Norwich is a sleepy, pretty little city: a charming maze of cobbled streets and churches, pubs and bookshops, a place where life is sweet and uneventful. You couldn’t be more wrong.

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The City Built on Books

7 May 2016

How Norwich became a literary capital...

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Do It Now: FLAT

6 May 2016

Please note this event has now finished, however we've left it on here so you can read about all the lovely things going on in Norwich. Avoid missing any exciting future events or useful information by signing up to our newsletter (via the signup box on the homepage). Why not take a look at current events taking place on our website.

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Aromatic Bitter Coffee And Sweet Style...

5 May 2016

...Makes This Tudor Retreat A Must Visit!

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Spring Stays In May

1 May 2016

If you’re eagerly counting down the days to the imminent May Bank Holidays (two of them, hurrah!) or the hot-on-their-heels half term holiday, then a city break is the perfect way to celebrate those much-anticipated extra days off.

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